Reformer Pilates in Wantage- taken to a new level

Pilates Playroom is a complete fitness destination with a contemporary approach to reformer Pilates and functional fitness. Here at Pilates Playroom, function and form collaborate in a boutique fitness studio designed to inspire, motivate and offer life changing results.

Pilates Playroom was founded by our fitness expert, Rachael Robb – a name known to many for her unique approach to getting clients fit and strong. Our ultimate goal focuses on long-term personal results and engagement.

Due to Government restrictions easing, we are open running a full timetable with a limit of 6 people per class, to avoid disappointment book now to secure your space.

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Memberships & Bundles

With your goals in mind, we have created a number of membership packages to suit your needs and for those looking for a select amount of classes, we have created bundle packages for you to choose from. Head over to our Pricing page to learn more.

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The Studio

Our studio will offer a full timetable of 15+ signature classes per week, offering fast-paced reformer Pilates, along with one to one Pilates sessions with each level and program focusing on maximum results to help you smash your workout goals.

All the machines are cleaned after each use with a disinfectant and antibacterial solution and a deep clean is performed once a week. We have also invested in a Sterizar Fog Machine. It is a multi surface cleaner and sanitiser that is effective within 30 seconds and kills 99.99% of bacteria. It also provides a barrier on the surface that continues to work for at least 30 days. However, we fog the studio every 2 weeks.


The Community

Our amazing instructor Rachael wants to share the benefits of reformer Pilates with everybody, here at our studio you’ll get the individual attention you need in a dynamic, fun group setting. From fast paced professionals to parents used to doing the school run, we have the community to inspire and maximise your workout.

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Dog Friendly

Our studio would like to make life easier for our clients to be workout and bring their dogs at the same time so your four-legged friends are welcome at the Pilates Playroom.

These are the studio dogs, Punda, a 7yr old Whippet and Diggle a 1yr old Miniature Dachshund. The dogs love greeting people when they come in for the class, especially if you bring them treats! Otherwise they will be found snoring under the covers in their bed.

Get in touch

Whether you’re in rehab from an injury or operation, or interested in mastering your practice to become the ultimate version of you, the Pilates Playroom will guide you every step of the way and enable you to discover your goals and push beyond them. For Reformer Pilates Wantage simply head over to our dedicated contact page and drop Pilates Playroom an email and we’ll be in touch.