Timetable that suits you

From fast paced professionals to parents used to doing the school run, we offer 15+ classes a week, from as early as 7:30AM and some as late as 7:30PM, we have classes to fit almost every schedule within our Reformer Pilates Timetable. Enjoy our signature classes and experience a total body sculpting experience with our talented instructor Rachael. Book your reformer session today!

Pilates Playroom Wantage | Reformer Pilates Booking
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Pilates Playroom Wantage | Reformer Pilates Timetable

What’s included?

Pilates Playroom offers a unique experience, providing the reformer and other Pilates based apparatus, along with our expert instructor to inspire and guide you on your fitness journey, we offer the total package to our clients. All our signature classes follow an engaging structure with ultimate flow, ensuring you’re always challenged and cooled down for ultimate results.

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Taster Sessions

Try the Pilates Playroom with a no-pressure introductory class for just £10.
Our Taster class is the perfect way to experience reformer Pilates and our studio! Enjoy one of our signature classes and experience a full-body session with our talented instructor Rachael. Book your taster session today!

Reformer Pilates - Level One

Recenter and balance your body with apparatus-assisted stretching. Our signature Rehab classes involve slower movement and deep stretching to leave you feeling long, loose, and ready to take on whatever the day brings. Perfect for those returning from injury or suffering from a condition, a regular stretch routine can help reduce soreness and muscle fatigue, improve performance, decrease risk of future injury, and increase blood flow to your muscles speeding up the healing process.

With a maximum of 6 clients, you are guaranteed individual attention from your instructor Rachael. Ideal for clients who want to rehab after an operation or suffering with an injury.

Flexibility is key

Here at Pilates Playroom we believe that flexibility is key and have created a diverse range of offerings to compliment your lifestyle and fitness goals. With a diverse range of payment options – from monthly to yearly payments you can pick a plan that works for you.

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Booking made simple

Whether you’re in rehab from an injury or operation, or interested in mastering your practice to become the ultimate version of you, the Pilates Playroom will guide you every step on the way and enable you to discover your goals and push beyond them. Simply head over to our dedicated booking page and select the class, date, and time from the drop downs and we’ll be in touch.


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