Signature class formatsat 3 unique levels

Our classes offer the perfect mix of high-intensity, cardio work and lower-intensity, Pilates-based strength training for all levels. Enjoy longer, maximised results with our blend of traditional fitness with contemporary reformer Pilates. With a maximum of 6 clients, you are guaranteed individualised attention from our instructor Rachael.

Whether you’re in rehab from an injury or operation, or interested in mastering your practice to become the ultimate version of you, the Pilates Playroom will guide you every step on the way and enable you to discover your goals and push beyond them.

Our class timetable will be launched in March and we are accepting pre-bookings. Why not book your spot today!

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Taster Sessions

Try the Pilates Playroom with a no-pressure introductory class for just £10.
Our Taster class is the perfect way to experience reformer Pilates and our studio! Enjoy one of our signature classes and experience a full-body session with our talented instructor Rachael. Book your taster session today!

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Level One - Rehab

Recenter and balance your body with apparatus-assisted stretching. Our signature Rehab classes involve slower movement and deep stretching to leave you feeling long, loose, and ready to take on whatever the day brings. Perfect for those returning from injury or suffering from a condition, a regular stretch routine can help reduce soreness and muscle fatigue, improve performance, decrease risk of future injury, and increase blood flow to your muscles speeding up the healing process.

With a maximum of 6 clients, you are guaranteed individual attention from your instructor Rachael. Ideal for clients who want to rehab after an operation or suffering with an injury.

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Level Two – Osteoporosis

Our signature Osteoporosis class is perfect for suffers who would like to incorporate a contemporary regime into their lives to appropriately challenge and to maintain bone health.

Within this dedicated class our expert instructor will guide you through each movement, challenging your muscles with our game-changing reformer machine and Pilates apparatus. You’ll work on resistance, focus on fluid movements to increase strength and flexibility, whilst also improving alignment, balance and full body toning. This class aims to make your life easier by increasing balance, stability, and control to ensure you’re ready for whatever life has to throw at you.

The class utilises the same level of difficulty as Level 3 with movements modified for Osteoporosis suffers.

With a maximum of 6 clients, you are guaranteed individualised attention from your instructor Rachael. Ideal for clients suffering with Osteoporosis or a similar condition.

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Level Three - All Fitness

Are you ready for fast-paced, heart-pumping, sweat-inducing class with quick movements and engaging positions?

Our All Fitness classes are designed to challenge, inspire and deliver maximised results we all want. Rachael will put you through your paces with a fun, dynamic routine, targeted to enable total body sculpting.

This full body workout consists of a continuous reformer flow including creative use of resistance techniques. This fun class is set to get your heart racing, whilst strengthening and stretching your entire body head to toe.

With a maximum of 6 clients, you are guaranteed individual attention from your instructor Rachael. Ideal for healthy clients with little to no injuries.

One to One Session

Ready for rapid results? Transform and reshape your entire body with the Pilates Playroom One to One sessions. Designed to accelerate your results and help you feel physically stronger, healthier and more energised. Our renowned instructor Rachael will help you get to your goals quicker – whether you’re working towards feeling healthy, vibrant, fit, a total body transformation, or creating habits that will last you a lifetime. In these sessions you’ll have exclusive access to our luxe Studio and all the equipment. Whatever your motivation, Pilates Playroom will support you every step of the way!


Membership that works for you

Plan to work out one to two times per week? Our members experience maximum results by engaging in our signature workouts weekly, with access to your favourite classes and inspirational instructor, you’ll smash your workout goals in flash. Our hassle-free membership packages are the perfect way to exceed your expectations, so all that’s left for you to do is pick the right package for you.


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