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Your new fitness obsession

Reformer Pilates Wantage is fast becoming the new ‘go to’ fitness regime with famous names including Margot Robbie and Andy Murray swearing by the powers of these machines.

Put simply, it’s Pilates performed on specialist equipment (the reformer), which allows for a more dynamic, targeted workout. Reformer Pilates Wantage combined with fast paced, intense classes delivered by our inspirational instructor Rachael, can help you achieve incredible total body sculpting. With our ever-changing workouts we’ll keep your body guessing and give you the results you want. Fast.

It’s everything you want in a workout, and nothing you’d expect. From desk workers that sit too much, pre- and postnatal mummies to gym addicts in desperate need of rehab. Reformer Pilates is complementary to all lifestyles.

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The unique benefits of Reformer Pilates Wantage

From long, lean toned muscles to a boosted mental and physical strength, you’ll have the stamina to tackle anything your day might throw at you.

Enjoying a regular stretch routine can help reduce soreness and muscle fatigue, improve performance, decrease risk of injury, and increase blood flow to your muscles. With more energy, you’ll be a better you.

For anyone on a pre- and postnatal fitness journey, our signature classes help maintain muscle tone and strengthen the legs, glutes, shoulders and back to limit aches and pains throughout pregnancy and beyond. Postnatal mummies can feel safe in the knowledge that they’ll have the power to pick up their child and not feel that dreaded twinge after.

One to One Sessions
- it’s all about you

Each person’s fitness and wellness journey is unique and the same can be said for our one to one sessions. Within the privacy of our Luxe Studio, Pilates Playroom is offering a unique opportunity to gain exclusive access to our expert instructor Rachael. Rachael will work her magic by listening to your goals, developing a bespoke workout that will encourage, motivate and achieve maximised results.

Whether you’re in rehab from an injury or operation, interested in mastering your practice to become the ultimate version of you, Rachael will guide you every step on the way and enable you to discover your limits and push beyond them.


Life’s too short for ordinary workouts

Reformer Pilates Wantage is set in a vibrant studio, our 6 reformer beds and expert instructor offer modern, technical, tailored resistance classes set to get your heart pumping from the get go. With over 15+ classes per week, Pilates Playroom offer the total package and have got your dynamic workout covered, all that’s left is to book your spot today!